Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Career opportunities at Cascade Medspa and Women's Centre

Have you studied in the field of medical aestheticians?  If so, a career may await you at Cascade Medspa & Women’s Centre.  Our Medspa has one goal, to pamper our clients.  Through facials, chemical peels, massage, spa treatments, as well as hair removal and waxing treatments – we strive to give our clients the best experience in the Brainerd Lakes area. If you are a skin Care Professional who has trained to become an aesthetician or medical aesthetician, we would like to hear from you today.  All shifts are available, as our Medspa is open days, evenings, and Saturdays.  Please email your resume to msilvernail@kurtiswatersmd.com as we will begin interview next week. 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Visia Complexion Photo


As the Medical Director at Cascade Medspa & Laser Centre, I use our VISIA Complexion Photo Lab to assist me in determining where the skin damage has started on each client in the Medspa, and can be used with our patients in the Facial Plastics Clinic.  The Cascade Medspa Staff will administer a complimentary photo for you in the Medspa daily from 10-5.  Please stop in and see our educated staff and have your VISIA photo taken and analyzed.  Cascade Medspa & Laser Centre 218-454-9999!

Thank You,

Dr. Waters

Friday, July 26, 2013

Allergy Drop Treatments!

Hello and Happy Friday!

Kurtis Waters, MD PA announces a new allergy treatment in the Baxter, MN clinic!  Allergy Drops Treatment, also known as sublingual immunotherapy, work like allergy shots as they introduce allergens into your system to help you build a tolerance to your allergies.  The therapy is delivered in liquid drops under the tongue and can be administered from home.  Allergy drops can safely and effectively treat a broad range of allergies, including pollens, dander and other environmental allergies, as well as foods, molds and chemical sensitivities.

The Four Step Process

1 - Evaluation & Testing
2 - Your Treatment Plan
3 - Receive your allergy drops
4 - Time & Consistency

In the next four blogs we will dissect each step in the allergy drop process.  Please contact our clinic, 218-454-8888, for a consultation with Katie Starns, NP to determine if you are a candidate for Allergy Drops.

Thank You,

Dr Waters

MN Allergy and Sinus Website Launch!

Monday, July 8, 2013

What are the treatment options for chronic sinus problems?

For patients who continue to have chronic sinusitis (infection within the sinus cavities) as demonstrated on CT scan, despite 4-5 weeks of maximum medical therapy, surgical options can be considered.  

These surgical options include endoscopic sinus surgery or balloon sinuplasty.  
  • With endoscopic sinus surgery, instruments inserted through the nose, are used to remove the pieces of tissue or bone that are blocking the sinus openings preventing them to drain properly.  
  • With balloon sinuplasty—it is much like an angioplasty for the heart.  A catheter is inserted into the nose and guided into the affected sinus opening.  A balloon is then inflated which expands the sinus opening allowing it to drain properly.  
With each of these options, the sinuses are then flushed out to clear them of the infectious secretions.  A patient’s history and CT scan results determine which type of procedure they would be candidates for.  Endoscopic sinus surgery is only done in the surgical setting under anesthesia, while balloon sinuplasty can be done either in a surgical setting under anesthesia OR under local anesthesia in the office setting.  A patient’s insurance carrier also plays a role in determining which procedure will be covered.

Call to schedule a consultation 218-454-8888.

Have a great day!

Kurtis Waters MD

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why are tonsils removed?

We have many lymph nodes within our body, and the tonsils are essentially lymph nodes that we can see.  There are two reasons we would consider removing the tonsils:  (1) recurring infection related reasons (tonsillitis) and (2) for obstructive symptoms.  
  • If an individual is having 4-6 (or more) documented cases of tonsillitis, requiring antibiotics, within a 12 month time frame they would be considered candidates for removal.  We are talking about true tonsillitisred, swollen tonsils that are often covered in white spots (exudate), and not the sore throat that comes along with the common cold. 
  • If individuals have obstructive related symptoms, which can include snoring WITH apnea spells, difficulty swallowing, and chronic mouth breathing, they too could be considered candidates for removal. 
  • Also, individuals who deal with recurrent “tonsil stone” formation are candidates for tonsillectomy.  These tonsil stones are otherwise known as tonsilliths or cryptolyths, and are NOT usually associated with throat pain, fevers, nor do they resolve with antibiotics.
Call our office for a consultation 218-454-8888.  Have a great day!

Kurtis Waters MD

Friday, June 21, 2013

I always seem to have phlegm in my throat and the feeling like there is a lump in my throat...what could this be?

Your symptoms could be the result of extra esophageal or laryngeal reflux.  This is also commonly known as “throat reflux.”  Throat reflux is not like the acid reflux which causes traditional “heartburn” (otherwise known as GERD).  Throat reflux involves your stomach acid coming up high enough into the esophagus that it essentially spills over into the larynx—where your vocal cords are located (the “voice box”).  

Symptoms of throat reflux include any/all of the following: 
  • frequent need to clear your throat (excess phlegm in your throat), 
  • chronic cough (often a dry cough), 
  • hoarseness, 
  • trouble swallowing, 
  • sensation of having a “lump in the throat”, 
  • sour or acid taste in the mouth, sore throat, 
  • and at times for some people the sensation that they are choking.  
No where on this list of symptoms for throat reflux do you see “heartburn”, belching, or chest pain.  Again, that is because with THROAT reflux the stomach acid is coming up to a higher place in the esophagus where it is actually affecting the larynx (voice box).  When this occurs, it causes inflammation and swelling which then causes the symptoms noted above.

Call if you have additional questions or to schedule a consultation.  218-454-8888. 

Have a great day!
Kurtis Waters MD

Friday, June 7, 2013

Are there any options to manage chronic ear infections besides having tubes put in the ears?

Yes, there are other options than ear tube placement.  That option is daily antibiotic prophylaxis.  
  • This is a low-dose antibiotic that would be taken on a daily basis for 1-3 months.  
  • The goal of this option is to decrease the bacterial counts that are within the oropharynx cavity (mouth/throat area) where the eustachian tubes openings are located.  
The Eustachian tubes are the small tubes which connect our middle ear space and throat so that air pressure can equalize.  The goal of this option is to hopefully reduce the number of ear infections overall.  However, this is not a guarantee as ear infections can still occur.  I will also add, that while this is a fine option, many patients opt against it over concerns of antibiotic overuse and antibiotic resistance. 

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Kurtis Waters MD